The Difference and Use of Surgical Mask, N95 Respirator, KN95 Face Mask

Surgical Mask, N95, KN95 mask difference and use

1. Medical protective mask: in accordance with China GB 19083-2010;

2. N95 mask: certified by American NIOSH, with filtration efficiency of non-oily particulate ≥ 95%;

3. European N95 mask: European FFP2 standard;

4. KN95 mask: it meets the mandatory standard of GB 2626 in China, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles is ≥ 95%.

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Time : 2020-04-08

【COVID-19 Knowledge】Recommendations To Pregnant Women

01Precautions in pregnancy check-ups

During the epidemic, pregnant moms need to note the following things when going for pregnancy check-ups:

02 Avold taking public transport. You can go by taxi, uber or your private car

03Avoid staying in hospital for a long time. You can ask your family to line up for you and find a ventilated place with fewer people while waiting. Don't stay indoors for long

Always wear an N95 mask or a medical mask from home to hospital. Gloves are also recommended

04Bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes with you all the time to maintain hand hygiene when it's not convenient for you to wash your hands

05Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.the virus can transmit through contact.

Dispose of used masks in a proper way upon getting home. Remember to change your clothes, wash your hands and face in time

061m Keep distance from others (at least one meter away) when you are on the way and in hospital.

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Time : 2020-04-04

【COVID-19 Knowledge】How To Care For Children During The Epidemic?

01How to protect your children when going out

Don't go out if possible, that is the best way to protect your children.

011If have to, drive private car or take taxi and use public transportation less frequently such as buses and subways where people are crowded. Walking is the best choice for nearby destinations

012 Both parents and children should wear masks and ensure timely replacement, and do not touch the outside surface of masks, so as to avoid the virus transferring to the hands

013Carry instant hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products with you, disinfect your children's hands in time if they touch other things, and try to keep children from sucking their fingers, rubbing their eyes and nose before disinfection.

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Time : 2020-04-04