The Difference and Use of Surgical Mask, N95 Respirator, KN95 Face Mask

Surgical Mask, N95, KN95 mask difference and use

1. Medical protective mask: in accordance with China GB 19083-2010;

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2. N95 mask: certified by American NIOSH, with filtration efficiency of non-oily particulate ≥ 95%;

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3. European N95 mask: European FFP2 standard;

4. KN95 mask: it meets the mandatory standard of GB 2626 in China, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles is ≥ 95%.

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Medical personnel must use medical respirators in the following situations:

1. Close contact with infected patients;

2. Perform operations that may produce aerosols, such as sputum aspiration and intubation;

3. Possible operations to produce bodily fluid spillage.

In other cases, you can wear N95 mask or KN95 mask. The key to wearing a mask is to keep it close to the face. Do not use respirator respirator.As for surgical masks, they conform to yy0469-2011 medical surgical masks.

KN95/N95 and above particle respirator: the protective effect is better than the medical surgical mask, disposable surgical mask, field investigation, sampling and testing personnel are recommended to use, the public can also wear in crowded places or closed public places.

Wear KN95/N95 and above particulate respirator in specific scenes, including in crowded public transport places and when riding in vehicles;Do not touch or adjust the mask when entering the living space of isolated people;Conducting investigations into suspected and confirmed cases;For environmental cleaning and disinfection personnel, corpse disposal personnel.

In addition, for the public transport passengers, taxi drivers, public services, the armed police, traffic police, security guards, media reporters, express delivery industry such as personnel, because of daily contact personnel is more, there is risk of infection, its place unit should be configured disposable surgical masks or medical surgical masks or KN95 / N95 or higher particulate respirators.