【COVID-19 Knowledge】How To Care For Children During The Epidemic?

【COVID-19 Knowledge】How to care for children during the epidemic?

01How to protect your children when going out

Don't go out if possible, that is the best way to protect your children.

011If have to, drive private car or take taxi and use public transportation less frequently such as buses and subways where people are crowded. Walking is the best choice for nearby destinations

012 Both parents and children should wear masks and ensure timely replacement, and do not touch the outside surface of masks, so as to avoid the virus transferring to the hands

013Carry instant hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products with you, disinfect your children's hands in time if they touch other things, and try to keep children from sucking their fingers, rubbing their eyes and nose before disinfection.

014Wash your hands in the right way once you get home, change your and your children's outerwear in case of virus spread during contact.

07Children's food during the epidemic

Make sure the food is thoroughly cooked, especially meat and eggs. Raw and cooked food should be handled by using two different cutting boards and different sets of kitchen tools and put in separate bowls: Wash hands when you switch between handling raw and cooked food After cooking. wash your hands before touching your children.

In addition, since COVID-19 can be transmitted through saliva, it is imperative to keep your child from eating food that has been tasted by others and not to cool your children's food by blowing. These actions could spread the virus to children without notice. It is advised to use separate dishes and serving utensils which can help to avoid cross-contamination

So, can you feed your children with chicken, duck and fish? Yes, but make sure it's fully cooked. Until now. there is no evidence showing that CoviD-19 can be transmitted via regular meat and seafood.

But be aware that both meat and eggs must be fully cooked before eating. Meanwhile be careful not to buy poultry or seafood from unknown sources. Do not touch live birds without protection.

 How to care for children during the epidemic?

Now the world is being threatened by COVID-19 virus.

We firmly believe that with the cooperation of all countries, COVID-19 virus will be defeated finally.

Then the world's people will be safe and sound and business will be continued as usual.

Here I would like to provide you with some protective suggestions related to covid-19 virus, hope they can help.

Meanwhile, I wish your family and business will get through this special time safely.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.