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  • New Fashion High Quality Bamboo Fibre Women Panties(CB-40001 ) New Fashion High Quality Bamboo Fibre Women Panties(CB-40001 )

New Fashion High Quality Bamboo Fibre Women Panties(CB-40001 )


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Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces

Port: Xiamen, China

Production Capacity: 50, 000 PCS/Year

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal

Age Group: Adults

Gender: Women′s

Material: Bamboo / Spandex

Function: Sports

Style: Briefs

Feature: Ventilate Comfortalbe

New Fashion High Quality Bamboo Fibre Women Panties(CB-40001 )

Item No.: CB-40001
Description: Bamboo Fibre Underwear
Size: S-XXL
Material: Bamboo Fiber
Shipping options: Drop shipping accepted
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What's Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo grows from one to four feet a day, faster than any other woody plant. A sustainable resource and a member of the grass family, bamboo flourishes in natural environments without irrigation. After being cut down to provide the fibers to make towels, a bamboo plant grows back and can be harvested again every three to four years.

Bamboo is grown without pesticides or herbicides. The plant has a natural defense when it is growing, an agent called bamboo kun that wards off bacteria and fungus. Bamboo towels have that same anti-microbial and anti-fungal effect, which keeps them cleaner with less washing.

Highly Absorbent
Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture more efficiently than cotton, making it ideal for towels.

Bamboo towels are estimated to be three times as durable as cottons towels of a similar quality. The money-saving advantage of stronger, longer-lasting bamboo towels means they will need to be replaced less often.

Towels that are 100 percent bamboo should be washed in cold water without bleach or fabric softener--another money-saving benefit. The low-heat setting on the dryer helps to keep them soft.

At the end of their useful life, the cellulose fibers naturally decompose when exposed to sunlight. Earth-friendly, bamboo towels can actually be composted and disintegrate completely into the earth.

Some other benefits
1. Antibacterial function: Originally cultivated good E. Coli, staphylococcus and other harmful bacteria, put bacteria in the cotton, wood fiber products can flourish, in the bamboo fiber fabric cloth for an hour, lost 48% of bacteria, 75% kill after 24 hours.
2. The super health functions: Bamboo fiber concentration up to 6000 negative ions / CC, equivalent to the outskirts of the field of anion concentrations, so that the body feel fresh and comfortable.
3. The moisture desorption features: The porous structure of bamboo fiber, good moisture absorption, desorption feature, which automatically adjust the humidity balance in the body.
4. Deodorant absorption features: Bamboo fiber within the special porous structure to make it ultra-fine strong adsorption capacity, absorption of air in formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances, and eliminate the bad smell.
5. Self-cleaning function: From sugar to fat high-tech technology, oil stains do not need to see the water washing detergent
6. Soft and comfortable features: Bamboo fiber has a small unit size, soft; White, bright colors; Toughness and wear resistance, and has a unique flexibility; Have a strong vertical and horizontal intensity, uniform and stable, good drape.